A downloadable mod

Custom Throne is a modding toolset that lets you make your own Nuclear Throne levels, weapons, characters, enemies, areas, projectiles and mutations. It runs on a modified version of Update 19 of Nuclear Throne.

Changelogs can now be found here.

If it asks you for version 4.5.2 of Microsoft's .NET Framework, you can get it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42642

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
TagsLevel Editor, Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter

Install instructions

  • Right-click Nuclear Throne on your Steam library, and go to Properties
  • Go to the Betas tab
  • In the "Select the beta you would like to opt into:", choose "mods"
  • Wait until Steam finishes downloading it
  • After it's done, right-click Nuclear Throne on the Steam library and once again go to Properties
  • Go to the Local Files tab
  • Click "Browse local files". This will open the Nuclear Throne files folder, which should now have all the .wav music from Update 19
  • Drag the contents of the launcher zip into that folder
  • Run CTLauncher.exe to start the launcher, download/update the game, etc.


Custom Throne (327 kB)


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What program is reccomended to create weapon sprites?

When I run Custom Throne, everything is incredibly slow and laggy. This occurs with my mods and the default setup (which is unedited). NT, NTT, and NTU work fine, so I don't know why Custom Throne is acting up. It used to work fine, but the past dozen startups (10 on the program, two on my computer) have been providing the trouble.

i have an non-steam nuclear throne

i want to edit the hitboxes and sprites

there's any way to use it?

Where is the Config.ini file?

the update never installs and i can't start up the game

if there isn't an update then updating it just goes into an infinite loop

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I've been waiting for 18 hours for custom throne to check for updates

until an actual update is there, it won't update

But it says that custom throne must update in order to run correctly, well in order to run, because I can't open custom throne until the launcher updates.

isn't there an option to turn it off..?

Yes, but when I turn it off (stop the update search) and hit the launch button it says that Custom Throne most update in order to run.


i have a problem



action number 1

of Create Event

for object UberCont:

Error defining an external function.

tellme the solution pls

Read the installation instructions.

I need a better explanation of what to do, I'm very confused as to how this works

I can give you some basic help if you want it? (http://steamcommunity.com/id/CosmiOfRoBoMECH/)

Is there a way to use this mod on GOG's version of Nuclear Throne?

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Hello there,

I recently downloaded this mod; however, when I load the launcher and check for updates (it wants to download the latest version of "Custom Throne" onto my computer), it keeps going on saying "checking for updates" without actually downloading anything. I'll load Steam, and it will say "logged in as username", but still not download. I redownloaded the mod and put the contents in their proper directory, still nothing. I have the "mods" branch loaded. It might be my Internet, but if it's not, are there any solutions?

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UPDATE: It before said:

An error occured while loading the launcher!

Unable to load DLL 'CSteamworks': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

Stacktrace: at Steamworks.NativeMethods.SteamAPI_InitSafe()
at CTLauncher.Main.InitSteamAPI() in F:\VS2015\Projects\CTLauncher\CTLauncher\Dialogs\Main.vb:line 638
at CTLauncher.Main.Main_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in F:\VS2015\Projects\CTLauncher\CTLauncher\Dialogs\Main.vb:line 60

I deleted those items in the local files and replaced them with the same original items from download folder.

It now says:

The specified Nuclear Throne is invalid (does not exist or does not contain NuclearThrone.exe)!

I did switch it back to normal gameplay for a bit. Then, after that, I opened back to the mods beta to test the launcher; then the errors ocurred.
...it still won't update, though.

By 'custom characters' you mean the normal characters with custom setups of weapons and crowns correct?

Heya - just wondering how you activate the 3d function!

In the settings, near the bottom is a "3D" thing, check that and play

Whenever I try to launch it, it says



action number 1

of Create Event

for object UberCont:

Error defining an external function.

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Just ignore it, it doesn't seem to have any problem in gameplay

Atleast I don't think it does

You did not install it on the Nuclear Throne folder, or you don't have the 'mods' branch on Steam installed.

I'd love for you to create a guide on how to create good levels and good weapons

I'm kind of stuck on the code for weapons and the image, I just can't get the weapon's sprite to appear when editing.

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I created a mutation and when ever I try to give it to myself with chat commands to test if it works, I get this error:
action number 3
of Step Event
for object Player:

In script scrGiveSkill:
Error in code at line 36:
at position 21: Unknown variable skill_createcode or array index out of bounds

Make sure that you've reloaded the assets properly either by reopening the game or by Shift+R.

I have been using Shift+R though, although I just retried after completely closing out of custom throne but it still does the same thing.

I'll look into this, thanks for reporting.

Also, just adding something, it works when I use normal mutations.

How to you put in the textures for weapons


The weaponIDsprite.png file in your weapons folder of your modpack.


Is there a way to summon a specific weapon without having to search for it?

Yes, just hit T ingame to start typing, and type /weapon WEAPONNAME

I seem to have ran into a problom, whan i try to make a weapon instead of the weapon showing up it shows like a GIF that slowly walkes through the weapons width,how do i fix that?

It has to be a 7-frame horizontal spritesheet. This is because the first frame is the weapon in its normal state, and the 6 other frames are the glow animation when on the ground. Make sure the 2nd frame is the weapon completly white, outline included!

i see ty

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