A downloadable mod

Want your viewers to experience even more rage towards Nuclear Throne than before? Then let them play it... using the Twitch.TV chat!

I'm uploading this since I can't use it myself (over 20 seconds of delay... eesh), so if you have a good upload speed, feel free to try it out.

Runs on the engine from update 19.


twitchplaysnuclearthrone.exe is what you use to start the game.

tpnt.exe is what you use to start the chat-game connection. It will ask you for your channel name. This will make a bot (9chatbot6) join your stream, it will be what handles the chat inputs.

After both of these are running, you can pick a character and get your chat to play the game.

This makes use of your clipboard. It reads what text is stored in your clipboard, and executes it in the game. If you are not okay with this, don't download this mod.

While tpnt.exe is running, it also has some chat commands. Try these:

  • !help
  • !run
  • bup

More information

Published 2 years ago
StatusIn development

Install instructions

  • Right-click Nuclear Throne on your Steam library, and go to Properties
  • Go to the Betas tab
  • In the "Select the beta you would like to opt into:", choose "mods"
  • Wait until Steam finishes downloading it
  • After it's done, right-click Nuclear Throne on the Steam library and once again go to Properties
  • Go to the Local Files tab
  • Click "Browse local files". This will open the Nuclear Throne files folder, which should now have all the .wav music from Update 19
  • Drag the contents of this zip into that folder
  • Run twitchplaysnuclearthrone.exe to start the game
  • Run tpnt.exe to begin the chat-game connection


Twitch Plays Nuclear Throne 62 MB