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Instruments in Duck Game are really cool, but they're not very intuitive for actual music other than the classic bwo bwo BWEH BWEH, but that's to be expected. After all, what can one expect out of using a controller's left trigger? Not the next Mozart, that's for sure.

So that's why RedMser created Duck Musico, a small tool that runs in the background that lets you press keys on your keyboard and have the pitch of instruments change depending on what key you pressed. But timing and not-pressing-the-wrong-button is still a problem for many people, so that's why I made Duck Composer! You can create your own music and listen to it ingame when holding an instrument.

Requires (and comes with) a slightly modified version of Duck Musico.


Duck Composer 11 MB

Install instructions

  • Extract the contents inside DuckComposer.zip anywhere, just make sure you know where they are
  • Configure Duck Musico (instructions come inside the duckmusico_readme.txt file, THANKS REDMSER!!!)
  • Run duckmusico.exe
  • Run DuckComposer.exe
  • Make music!


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Not available on windows :(


oh im intrested


oh im intrested