A downloadable mod

For Nuclear Throne Together (v9921 or above)

Credit to "sometimes opens gamemaker" for the foundation of this mod. Permission to modify and publish granted.

This mod turns Nuclear Throne into a side-scroller - players, most enemies, and some projectiles now have gravity applied to them.

Turning a game into a side-scroller without changing much wouldn't be fun, so the movement system has been expanded upon:

  • From SOG's original mod:
    • Wall-sliding
    • Wall-jumping
  • From my expansion:
    • Double-jumping
    • Drift-jumping
    • Fast-falling (suggested by blaac)
    • Bolt climbing
    • Rocket riding
    • Goomba stomping
    • Rocket bunting

There are some area-specific things too, but I'll leave those to your discovery.

If you find a bug, visit the Nuclear Throne Discord #mod_discussion page and ping me there.

Install instructions

Loading mods


platformer.mod.gml (9/Dec/2017) 45 kB


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this has nothing to do with this mod, in fact I downloaded this mod and it is GREAT but ... my custom throne has been trying to find updates for minutes, and that custom throne used to work for me

А почему у меня не скачивается? 

/load название мода


I didn't understand that to load the mods. Could you tell me what the command is because I don't understand this very well?


this mod is so good and so fun and its kindalike spelunky