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For Nuclear Throne Together (v9926 or above, check discord.gg/nt)

Credit to Vazkii for the original Minecraft mod.

This mod adds Casting Assistance Devices (or CADs) to Nuclear Throne - weapons that you can program spells into.

When you find a CAD, press B to open the spell progamming menu, where you'll be shown all the existing tricks you can cast, what parameters they require, and everything you can access in the world with the spell. Dragging and dropping a piece into the grid will show you information required to create a functional spell.

Once you have a spell that compiles successfully, you can compile it to your CAD and fire it away! But be careful - the more complex and/or powerful the spell is, the more Psi it'll consume. Trying to fire a CAD without enough Psi will hurt you!

Once a spell is compiled into a CAD, it'll stay on the CAD - drop a programmed CAD on the ground for your friends to try!

If you find a bug, visit the Nuclear Throne Discord #mod_discussion page and ping me there.

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psi.zip (22/Jan/2018) 410 kB


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The mod looks cool, but I found 2 wrong things with it

1. Creating a cast program is super hard without a guide or a tutorial

2. The mod always traces those 2 errors:

Always: mods/psi/psi.mod.gml[L652,c28] Variable is not an array

When trying to shoot with a CAD device: mods/psi/mods/default/cad.wep.gml[L34,c5] `102210` (Player) does not have a variable `spellAssemblerVisible`

Whenever i start a game with the mod it constantly shows an error saying "psi is not an array" anyway to stop it or disable error messages?

idk man, have you got it to fix that

Damn i don't damn not understand.

9joao6, thank you for creating such interesting mods. Any chance you have a tutorial lying around somewhere for creating spells?  I tried following the screenshots but was unsuccessful in compiling anything other than bullets that kill myself.

I do not have any video at hand, but you are free to watch those at the bottom of Vazkii's Psi page. http://psi.vazkii.us/


Could you make a video or gif of the weapons in action.

I've added a gif to the top of the screenshots sidebar.

Thank you.